The Back Room Men's Clothier

119 North Main Street

Suite 102

Mooresville, NC 28115


Monday - Friday - 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday - By Appointment Only

Historic Downtown Mooresville


Phone: 704-664-1424


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Your GPS will be confused as we have been issued a Main St. address, but our entrance is actually not accessible from Main St. We are actually located just behind Main, between Main and Church Streets. Our neighbors, Pie In The Sky Pizzeria and The NC License Plate Bureau both have rear entrances from the parking lot located directly behind the Main St. Branch of the Well's Fargo Bank. Once you have reached this parking lot, simply look directly south for our Tan Stucco Building with Black Trim.

Our apologies for our main sign still being in the completion process, however our far left window does have a neon sign reading,"Tuxedo Rentals". If you are a Pedestrian on Main St. you can find us by locating "The Markade". The Markade is located on the east side of Main St. and has an ivory & burgundy, striped, domed shaped awning. The Markade is much like a hallway that houses entrances to several businesses, including the NC Tag Bureau and Pie in the Sky Pizzeria that I mentioned earlier. Walk COMPLETELY thru the Markade and out it's back door toward Church St. Once you are outside, if you look immediately to your right, or south, you will see our building. We also have exclusive parking directly in front of our establishment for your convenience! 

I apologize for the lengthy directions, but feel as though they are necessary. We would definitely like you to be able to find us with ease.
Finally, if you still can't locate us, call and we will talk you in!

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